New Media Photography: Second Reflection

These past few weeks have allowed me to explore new media photography through — excuse the pun — lenses.

One of the larger subjects of photography is weather, whether its chasing storms, capturing snow fall or shooting the night sky. While I was not able to attend the original visit to The Weather Channel, whenever Stephen comes to our class to speak, I am eager to learn about their plans. What more, I’m excited that they are including us, our thoughts, our ideas and our insight into their plans. I like that they are so open to criticism and critique.

I’m also extremely excited to begin working on my new media study. Virtual reality is an area of which I have researched but have little practical experience working in, and I am looking forward to delving deeper into how it can combine to work with photography, mobile devices and journalism. What I like about this project is that as news organizations nationally are beginning to work in the virtual reality space, I can watch and learn from what they’re doing to decipher what could be done best going forward. I hope to produce a project by the end that encapsulates all components and gives insight into a sliver of the capabilities of virtual reality.

Finally, I’m excited to begin working with video. While I have experience working with broadcast form video, there are many video components I haven’t worked with simply because they are not in the traditional format of what is presented on television. I’m hoping New Media Photography will allow me to explore how video can work in other formats.

Overall, the photography lessons were extremely eye opening. I did not realize how little I knew when it came to operating a camera, but I’m excited with what I now know.