New Media Photography: Project Proposal

For my New Media Photography study, I would like to investigate and explore the production of photography on mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets. In particular, I would like to interact and engage with mobile applications that allow for manipulation of capturing, such as Manual, photo editing tools, such as Afterlight and VSCO, and photo sharing and streaming tools, such as Periscope.

I am interested in this topic because while I wouldn’t necessarily venture to say mobile photography would ever replace traditional photography, I would say it’s increasingly becoming a larger portion of the industry. My personal photography experience has largely been limited to mobile photography as I have not because to afford or finance a high-end camera. While I recognize that my limited tools cannot make me a professional, I can still take quality photos for use.

With this in mind, I would also like to discuss how an amateur could become a better photographer using cell phone cameras and mobile apps. Another topic I would like to explore is how important it is to discuss ethics when it comes to new media photography. In particular, with easy and instant photo sharing capabilities, what journalistic ethics must be considered before posting? Is a screenshot considered photography? If a photo is widely available, is credit necessary, who receives it and how is it given? Is a mobile user considered a photographer or photojournalist?

I hope to answer these questions through my research. In particular, I hope to find out the best new media tools to take quality photos on mobile devices.

I’ll get started by researching technology and photography blogs. I have a few mobile photography apps on my phone that I haven’t ever played around with.

By the end of my project, I will produce a post that incorporates my trials and errors through screenshots of my photography using the particular apps.