The world of still photography as we know it is growing and developing as technological innovations continues to take off. With more definitions than ever of what could be considered a camera and an image, our collective understanding of photography is limited only by our imagination.

Through New Media Photography, I have experimented with DSLRs, iPhones and Drones. I have created photos, videos and stories. I have edited those creations on software systems such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Premiere Pro. I have explored topics relating to virtual realty and mobile photography. I have tested a pilot program for The Weather Channel. I have grown more aware of opportunities to make my visual stories stronger.

As you look through my portfolio, you will find samples of my work I have completed during this class.

The first is a comprehensive look at ethics in virtual reality. As I began to explore virtual reality, I realized, as with an novel venture, there is a world of gray area. While some subjects must be considered through a certain level of trial and error, I thought it was important that the implications behind the technology be considered. In review of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics and through analysis of existing virtual reality films, I created a list of best practices to follow and understand when working with virtual reality.

You will also find a collection of tweets I combined into a Storify. These reference photography and photojournalism in different aspects and reveal my thoughts and opinions on certain matters.

Included after that is a video I found, shot, reported, edited and produced on remote location. I had the opportunity to attend a campaign rally for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Capturing the sounds and sights of the venue helped bring my story to life. The challenge was balancing the noise of the inside auditorium and dim lighting.

I am grateful for the experiences I took away from New Media Photography. Please feel free to peruse the rest of my work on this blog and my website.