New Media Photography: Fourth Reflection

The past few weeks in New Media Photography have been the most enjoyable and diverse yet and excite me for what is yet to come.

I took my first trip to The Weather Channel. I have driven past the building for years, but that was my first time stepping inside. I had not realized what a large media organization it is and how fortunate I am to have it in my own backyard. What was really impressive was the amount of time employees took to listen to students and work with us to make us ideal candidates for positions not only within the company but in media at large.

I particularly enjoyed the tour of the building, including the virtual space where filming is done. Seeing the three-dimensional virtual cones projected to appear like tornadoes made me think of other possibilities it could be used for. For example, Stephen shared how CNN used it during election results. I also liked the options for customization.

Finally, I enjoyed the job-related skills session and the one-on-one resume critique. The biggest lesson I took away was that I have the power to control anything I want. If I want to be a filmmaker, I can start entering amateur videos into film festivals and showcasing my productions in contests now. Not only do I not have to wait, but I shouldn’t wait. Employers are impressed by initiative. It inspired me to start writing more. Nothing is handed to you so you have to work to stand out. I also took to heart his comments about tailoring my resume. It should tell a story and he said mine was too all over the place.

In addition to The Weather Channel, I also enjoyed working on my New Media Study. I watched various virtual reality films to come up with a few best practices. Ethics are really important to me and I’m glad I was able to find the intersection of work.